Hosted By: The City of Mesa

Sprouts Mesa-PHX Marathon Concept

The Sprouts Mesa-PHX Marathon began as an idea of long time runners in the hills and mountains just east of the Phoenix Valley. A group of elite runners were assembled to design the perfect gradual decent into the Valley of the Sun. The race founders knew that many friends shared the idea that runners wanted and deserved to have a race which focused on a giving the participant the best on course and finish experience the industry offers. Race founders Brad and Kimberly Arnett are committed to education and wanted a way for the running participant to help educate young aspiring runners. Brad and Kim also believed that runners would be as passionate about education as they were about running. Thus the Mesa-Phx Marathon was created to serve a three fold mission:

  • Educate aspiring runners by donating all profits to the
    Phoenix Marathon Foundation.
  • Give running back to the runner.
  • Showcase the Phoenix East Valley to the world.

In addition, the elite runners believed it was critical for the marathon course to have an overall net decrease in elevation, and, of course, be a Boston qualifier. We hope this marathon, in conjunction with Cactus League Spring Training, will bring many to the Phoenix area this spring and for many years to come!

Unique Marathon Experience

Together with friends and prominent community leaders, the race organizers have created this unique race.  The owners and organizers of this event want to bring the public an event not found anywhere else!  The Sprouts Mesa-PHX Marathon benefits community wellness through the sponsoring of The Mesa-Phx Marathon Foundation, while also giving runners an opportunity to stretch themselves and their goals with a marathon course that is a fast, fun, Boston qualifier!